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October 01, 2020

Keyboardist (Piano and Organ) Position
To serve as the keyboardist for one worship service (in person, live stream or pre-recorded) for Sundays as well as for special worship services throughout the year.  This position will provide some solo and duet keyboard pieces as well as collaborative accompaniment for congregational, choir, small ensemble and solo music that add to the worship of AUMC.  This position will also serve as the main collaborative pianist for all rehearsals for the Chancel Choir, Summer Singers, and Shabah Ensemble (Praise Ensemble) as well as other soloists and ensembles that would play or sing during the above services.  This position may also aid with the 8:00 am service at times as needed (when this service resumes). This position will collaborate with any other staff keyboardists, ensemble directors, and the Director of Music and Worship Arts to provide music for that service.

Application letter of interest and resume to Arvada United Methodist Church Staff-Parish Relations Committee:

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Reports to: Director of Music and Worship Arts

Duties (Specific services/rehearsals subject to change with Covid response needs): 

  1. In coordination with the Director of Music and Worship Arts and the clergy, select and prepare appropriate music for the worship services throughout the year.
  2. Serve as keyboardist for seven annual holiday services:  Christmas Eve (3 services), Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Day.
  3. Serve as the collaborative pianist for all Chancel and Summer Singers Choir rehearsals which include:
  • Chancel Choir rehearsals on Wednesday evenings (7:00 – 9:15 – during school year) and Sunday mornings (9:00 – 10:00 am)
  • 2-3 choir retreats annually
  • 3 orchestra/instrumental rehearsals for special concerts and cantatas
  • Up to 4 special concerts for other fundraisers and church-related concerts
  1. Serve as Pianist for up to four Special 8 am Services including, but not limited to Cantata Sundays, Easter, Music Celebration Sundays, or Special Dedications/Celebrations of the church.
  2. Serve as pianist for up to four Shabach Ensemble performances at both the 8 am and 10 am services a year.  This will include a rehearsal during the week before (which normally happen on Wednesday nights) and rehearsal on the morning of the services.
  3. Serve as collaborative pianist for the Children’s Pageant carols for the congregational children including recording rehearsal tracks for rehearsals in November and December, one 3 hour rehearsal the Saturday before the pageant and accompany the children for the Children’s Pageant Service.
  4. Serve as collaborative pianist for up to two rehearsals for accompanying other ensembles including Children’s Choir, Bronze Ringers, Morning Bells, Jeffco Brass, Instrumental Ensemble, guest musicians, and other soloists and small ensembles in preparation for performance in assigned services. 
  5. Maintain a continuing professional level of musical training and practice appropriate to the position, as it evolves in the future.
  6. Develop an increasing usage of the various abilities of the piano and enough knowledge of the sanctuary organ to substitute when needed.
  7. In coordination with the Director of Music and Worship Arts, care for and maintain the tuning and working condition of the organ and pianos of AUMC.
  8. Aid the Director of Music and Worship Arts in obtaining a substitute organist/pianist for rehearsals and services when not available.
  9. The Pianist may be asked to serve as substitute conductor of the Chancel Choir or other groups up to three times a year in the event that the Director of Music and Worship Arts is unable to be present for a rehearsal or service. 
  10. Attend the monthly Music Ministry Staff Meetings and up to 4 AUMC Extended (full) staff meetings
Complete an annual evaluation process with the Director of Music and Worship Arts as defined by the Staff Parish Relations Committee. (SPRC)
  • A strong commitment to the role that the keyboardist serves in Music and Worship Arts at Arvada United Methodist Church.
  • An ability and willingness to play in many different styles and genres of liturgical and secular music including traditional, classical, contemporary, folk, Taize, and improvisation.
  • At least a basic proficiency on organ. More than basic  knowledge and ability is preferred.
  • A broad knowledge of Sacred/Secular Music and Worship Arts.
  • An ability to collaborate with different types of vocal and instrumental soloists and ensembles as well as take direction from a conductor.
  • Demonstrated effective interpersonal communication skills with a diverse group of people in the selection and coordination of music for worship services and special presentations.
  • A professional and ethical attitude in the workplace demonstrating the ability to work as a supportive, positive team member.
  • An affinity with the progressive social and theological identity of AUMC is important.
  • Bachelor's degree in specific or related field; Master's degree preferred
Compensation will be determined based on the applicants background and experience as well as the final scope of the job description in conjunction with the knowledge of recommendations from the American Guild of Organists.
 Contact: Staff-Parish Relations Committee
 Address: 6750 Carr Street, Arvada, CO 80004
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