Mission Opportunities - Sacred Doors, Bethany UMC, Denver, CO

February 12, 2020

Mission trip opportunities available with Sacred Doors!

Bethany United Methodist Church, 3501 W. First Ave. in Denver, has a new program ministry called Sacred Doors. It is a progressive mission week experience for ages 8 and older available year-round. The focus is to offer a transforming experience working side-by-side with the marginalized in the Denver area. There are five focus areas offered. The cost is $250 per person and does not include travel or food. Pre-trip orientation via Zoom or in person connects the mission team as a stronger community. Email RevDenise19@gmail.com to inquire further or request a registration form. 

Contact: Rev. Denise Bender

Address: 3501 W. First Ave. Denver CO

Phone: (303) 882-8641


Website: www.bethanyumccolorado.org