Office Manager - Central UMC, Colorado Springs, CO

July 02, 2019

Central United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado is seeking an Office Manager, who will be the key professional figure in the administration and operation of the church. This person is often the first person guests of the church encounter. The Office Manager must present a good appearance and communicate the friendliness and receptivity of the church to members and strangers alike. The Office Manager continually interacts with church members, answering questions and providing helpful direction for church activities. This position is of vital importance to the pastor, supporting his/her needs in the administration and operation of the church.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Below is a high level list of the items the Office Manager is responsible for. The details of these duties can be found in the procedures manual.

  1. General Office Manager Duties:
    1. Greet people entering the office and respond to their questions and needs respectfully and sensitively.  Be familiar with church members, constituency, and programs.
    2. Answer and conduct telephone church business.
    3. Prepare the weekly worship bulletin and monthly newsletter.  
    4. Assist the pastors and other church leaders with typing, copying, and distribution of reports and correspondence as required. In addition, provide current contact information to them. Also, generate updated Church Directories periodically. Keep the brochures with information required by different groups up to date.
    5. Maintain the Church Calendar and coordinate with outside groups, both to sign up to use the church and to resolve conflicts that might occur, for example, VBS and IHN. This may include tours of the church.
    6. Produce the church business cards and stationary as needed.
    7. Maintain building security, ensuring that all outside exits are locked at the end of the workday.  Also sign church keys in and out as appropriate.
    8. Initiate the phone prayer chain and email prayer network, when requested.
    9. Order supplies for the office and groups within the church. This would include curriculum and supplies for VBS too.
    10. Coordinate with audio visual team and vendors for repair of things like computers and the copier. If a problem occurs that is more significant that will need to be coordinated with the chairperson of the Board of Trustees or the Facilities Manager.
    11. Notify the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, or his/her representative, and the pastor, when a facility problem is detected or reported, e.g. thermostat, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, security, and leak problems.
    12. Arrange for office substitutes when taking time off for vacation or compensatory time.  In the event of illness or emergency unavailability, the pastor should be notified as soon as possible.  The pastor will arrange a substitute if needed.
    13. Perform other administrative tasks as requested by the pastor(s).  If such tasks are deemed inappropriate, make that known to the pastor, and if not satisfactorily resolved, notify the chairperson of the Staff-Parish Relations Ministry Team.
  2. Accounting Related Activities; Assist the Church Bookkeeper as required with:
    1. Preparing check requests for all bills received.
    2. Preparing accounts payable checks using Power Church that have been approved for signature by the church treasurer.  This should be done on a set schedule.
    3. Preparing the checks associated with the payroll using Power Church, twice a month, after notification from the treasurer that the payroll is ready.
  1. Maintain a personable, well-groomed, appropriately dressed appearance.
  2. Good language skills, both spoken and written.
  3. Computer and word processing skills, including Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience with Microsoft Publisher and PowerChurch is a plus.
  4. Be able to keyboard type a minimum of 50 wpm.
  5. Good organizational skills, including filing and maintenance of records.
  6. Work well on own with minimal supervision and assume responsibility when other staff are absent.
  7. Be able to maintain confidentiality.
  8. Good telephone presence and skills.
  9. Able to meet and interact with diverse people who enter the office.
  10. Pleasant disposition, and able to remain calm and focused if placed under stress.
  1. Be willing to submit to a background check if requested.
POSITION:  This is a salaried position with the expectation of approximately twenty hours per week, Tuesday through Friday, generally 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
SALARY:  As determined by the Staff-Parish Relations Ministry Team.  Appropriate raises may occur at the anniversary date of hiring and at the discretion of the Staff-Parish Ministry Team.

Contact: Cheryl James

Address: 4373 Galley Road Colorado Springs CO 80915

Phone: 719 597 6648

Email: Click to email