Paid Children's Sunday School Teacher - Applewood Valley UMC, Golden, Colorado

July 24, 2017

Sunday School Teacher Purpose:

  • To aid the Christian development of the children of the church through enjoyable learning experiences by introducing them to God’s word and the love of Jesus Christ.

Qualifications, Knowledge, Attitudes

  1. She or he should be interested in the Christian development of children and be comfortable working with children, ages 4 to 12.
  2. Ability to work well with the volunteer teaching assistants and under the direction of the pastors and the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). 
  3. They must agree to an official background check which will be completed by an AVUMC staff member. 
  4. The Sunday School Teacher will need to be able to serve a minimum of 2 years in this position. 

Outline of Responsibilities 

  1. The teacher will work with children’s parents/guardians, volunteer teaching assistants, the pastors and the SPRC to present a Christian Education program that engages the children and nurtures them in their faith development.
  2. The teacher will prepare lessons using curriculum and resources supplied by the Associate Pastor. 
  3. The teacher will supervise and guide children in completing lessons and craft projects every week in Sunday School.
  4. The teacher will ensure that the the Sunday School classroom and the arts and crafts room is clean and presentable after each class is completed. 
  5. The teacher will attend check-in meetings with Associate Pastor and will keep in solid communication with the Associate Pastor. 

Support & Supervision

  1. The Sunday School Teacher is accountable to the pastors of AVUMC. If the teacher has any problems, the Associate Pastor specifically is available to help. SPRC can also be consulted.
  2. If the teacher is unable to be present for the weekly scheduled class, she or he should arrange for a replacement teacher, and if that is not possible, notify the Associate Pastor.
  3. A meeting is held each fall and as needed throughout the year with the Associate Pastor and the volunteer teaching assistants to plan curriculum for the year and establish a mutually agreeable schedule.

Time Commitment

  • The Sunday School Teacher teaches every week on Sunday morning from 10:00-11:00am. The Sunday School Teacher needs to be present at AVUMC from 9:30am-11:30am every week. There is an additional 2-3 hours every week for volunteer coordinating with the teaching assistants, craft and curriculum preparation and emailing parents/guardians when needed. 


  1. This teaching position will pay $250 a month. 
  2. This position will be great in building a resume for vocational ministry and in learning important leadership skills like delegation, administration, time management, communication and vision casting. 
  3. It will be rewarding to see the children grow in Christian knowledge and to be a big part of their faith journey. 


  • The Sunday School Teacher will meet and be trained by the Associate Pastor. An orientation meeting for the teacher, teaching assistants and pastors will also occur at the beginning of the fall semester. 

Screening Requirements

  1. Two written reference checks
  2. One criminal background check

Contact: Pastor Angie Blattner

Address: 2035 Ellis St. Golden CO 80401

Phone: 970-590-6506

Email: Click to email