Pianist/Organist - Wesley UMC, Pueblo, Colorado

January 10, 2018

Job site:  Wesley UMC in Pueblo Colorado.

On site minimum hours is 3 1/2 hours each week (1 hour 45 minutes on Wednesdays evenings and again on Sunday mornings)

Skills needed:  Be able to sight read hymns; accompany all hymns in worship; and accompany small choirs weekly anthem.

Additional expectations:  Play at four annual Christian holidays:

  1. Christmas Eve
  2. Ash Wednesday
  3. Maundy Thursday
  4. Good Friday

There is additional remuneration available when playing for funerals and weddings.

This position works closely with the Choir Director / Song Leader.

Contact: Tony Ashworth

Address: 85 Standford Ave Pueblo CO 81005

Phone: 719-2485465

Email: Click to email