Prayer Missionary - Myrtle Beach Wesleyan College / Pilgrim Seminary, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

February 04, 2017

The primary mission of Myrtle Beach Wesleyan College ( and Pilgrim Seminary ( is to provide high quality, inexpensive higher education in Christian perspective to men and women incarcerated in jails and prisons throughout the United States.

Pilgrim Seminary is currently seeking men and women (or church prayer groups) who are strong in faith and diligent in prayer to serve as a Prayer Missionary to one federal or state prison during 2017. There are currently 1,000 openings...wait, 999, somebody just signed up! Basically, a prayer missionary prays regularly for a particular prison – the chaplain, the believers, the believers-yet- to- be, and our incarcerated students in that prison. Looking for a job that can be done while sitting on your couch? This is it!

Prayer Missionaries receive no compensation now but, rest assured, the payoff in your Eternal IRA will be great.
Please email if you would be willing to pray for “the least of these”.

Contact: Rev. Keith Smith

Address: Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Phone: 412-874-1676

Email: Click to email