Preschool Director - First United Methodist Church Cooperative Preschool, Fort Collins, Colorado

January 18, 2019

First United Methodist Co-op Preschool of Fort Collins, Colorado is accepting applications for Preschool Director. Deadline for resumes is Feb. 28.

First United Methodist Co-op Preschool has provided a high-quality, nurturing and professional preschool program for children of Fort Collins since 1965. FUMCP is a non-denominational Christian-based outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church. The strength of the preschool is the parent cooperative component of the program. Parents and teachers work together to provide a quality, developmentally appropriate preschool program. Parents assist as classroom helpers, serve on committees and can serve on the Parent Advisory Board. The Preschool Director provides leadership and management of the preschool program. The director coordinates parents and teachers to create a developmentally appropriate learning experience for children. 

Benefits: Two weeks paid leave; no health benefits available
Salary: Starting at $25,500 annual
Job type: Part time, follows the Poudre School District elementary calendar; flexible summer schedule 

The director will commit to and maintain the core philosophy of FUMCP. In our preschool classrooms, we strive to create an atmosphere of stimulation, opportunity and discovery through curriculum planning. This plan provides a developmental and play-based approach to the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development. Parent cooperation is the cornerstone of the program. We believe that school and education cannot and should not exist without parent involvement. Together with the Parent Advisory Board, staff and church family, the director emphasizes the value of community to the preschool families.
Hours and Expectations of FUMC Co-Op Preschool Director

  • The director salary is based on the school year calendar, Sept. 1 to May 31, with reduced hours in June and July. 
  • It is expected that the director will work six hours/day when school is in session. 
  • The director is expected to be present at the school during operational hours: 8:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m., working 30 hours Sept. to May.
  • It is expected that the director work 30 hours a week in Aug. 
  • It is expected that the director work 10 hours/week in the summer months of June and July. Summer hours are on an as-needed basis determined by the director. 
  • It is expected that the director plan and facilitate the Aug. and May parent meetings, annual staff retreat, and preschool staff monthly meetings.
  • It is expected that the director attend the following meetings during school hours:
    • Monthly Parent Advisory Board meetings
    • PAB sub-committees as needed
    • FUMC weekly staff meetings
    • Any other meetings as necessary
  • It is expected that the director attend the following activities outside of school hours
    • The annual city Preschool Fair
    • Bi-annual PAB/staff social gatherings
    • Dad & Me and Mom & Me nights
    • Other activities as scheduled
Additional Information
  • In addition to school calendar holidays, the director will receive 10 leave days that can be taken during the school year. 
  • For leave during the school year of more than two weeks, a substitute director, who meets all requirements for director, must substitute for the director. 
Administrative Responsibilities
  • Manage all facets of the FUMCP.
  • Supervise budget expenditures and ordering of supplies and equipment.
  • Supervise preparation and distribution of monthly payroll.
  • Maintain files and records in accordance with Colorado state licensing requirements.
  • Supervise preparation of annual budget.
  • Present preschool annual budget to FUMC Finance Committee.
  • Keep current on licensing guidelines and maintain all licensing requirements.
  • Develop school calendar with Parent Advisory Board President.
  • Supervise all preschool support staff.
  • Schedule and conduct annual registration.
Responsibilities to Teaching Staff
  • Collaborate with teaching staff.
  • Be responsible for making staffing decisions.
  • Develop job descriptions and orientation for new employees, providing support systems as needed.
  • Meet regularly with individual teachers to discuss curriculum and children.
  • Assist teachers in the event of an emergency or special need.
  • Schedule regular teachers' meetings, both professional and organizational; prepare agenda and lead meetings.
  • Keep teachers informed of what is going on throughout the rest of the preschool.
  • Monitor the total safety of FUMCP, making sure classrooms, storage areas, and playground are kept in order.
  • Keep teachers informed about workshops, conferences, classes, articles and books.
  • Assist teachers in continuing their professional growth and sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • Evaluate teachers, provide ongoing feedback, and recommend their compensation.
  • Prepare and distribute annual teacher contracts.
Responsibilities to Parents
  • Welcome prospective parents to FUMCP by following up on phone and email inquiries. Explain curriculum, parent co-op model, parent responsibilities and tuition.
  • Conduct tours of classrooms for visitors.
  • Educate parents on workday requirements, guidelines and background checks.
  • Maintain background checks on parents.
  • Advise parents if problems arise as a parent volunteer. 
  • Support parents and teachers in addressing children’s needs. 
  • Help and direct parent committees as needed.
  • Support parent-teacher relationships.
  • Write monthly article for the parent newsletter; contribute additional items as necessary.
Responsibilities to the Parent Advisory Board
  • Attend all PAB meetings, contribute items to the agenda, and give a director's report at each meeting.
  • Serve on hiring committees to locate new teachers and screen applicant resumes. 
  • Schedule and lead interviews. 
  • Recommend teacher compensation based on annual evaluations.
  • Interface with Parent Advisory Board members; meet individually with them as needed to supervise their job responsibilities.
Responsibilities to First United Methodist Church
  • Attend weekly church staff meetings.
  • Keep church informed of FUMCP activities, enrollment, etc., through articles in the church newsletter and bulletin.
  • Attend, as needed, church committees to represent FUMCP. 
  • Notify FUMC Staff Parish Relations Committee of any plans related to hiring, disciplinary action, termination, salary, and evaluations of employees.
  • Maintain a regular communication with the Parent’s Day Out director, FUMC childcare director and director of children and family ministry.
Responsibilities to the Community
  • Represent FUMCP in the community.
  • Whenever possible, attend community events which may benefit FUMCP.
  • Be available as a speaker and to work with interested community groups.
  • It is preferred that the director have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or child development, or in a related subject field.
  • The director must meet director qualifications as required by the Colorado Department of Human Services.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience as a teacher or director with preschool education is preferred.
  • The director should have knowledge of current educational theories and leadership experience.
  • The director must demonstrate sufficient computer skills with basic proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email.
  • The director should also be able to manage both people and resources efficiently and graciously. 
Please send resumes to Jennifer Hannah at by Feb. 28.

Contact: Jennifer Hanna

Address: 1005 Stover Street Fort Collins CO 80524

Phone: 970.412.0957

Email: Click to email