Secretary/Administrative Assistant - Berthoud UMC, Berthoud, Colorado

December 12, 2016


  • Personality and heart to be the face of the church
  •  Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Strong organizational skills
  •  Proficiency in computer operation, including publication and word processing software, spreadsheets, and email; ability to learn new software as needed for website, social media, and church-specific software (membership database, presentation software)
  •  Proficiency in use and maintenance of phone system, copier/printer
  •  Experience in establishing and maintaining both hard copy and electronic files for record keeping
  1.  Receptionist’s duties – greet and help church visitors; handle phone calls
  2.  Website and social media – manage church website and administer social media, NAS tech solutions
  3. Clerical support for the pastor, as needed
  4. Communications and publishing – manage church mail and email, incoming and outgoing; edit and publish weekly bulletins, weekly email ‘blasts’, and monthly newsletter
  5. Worship and announcement slide shows – create weekly worship slide show
  6. Schedules and calendars – manage schedules for meetings, facility and worship assistants; maintain electronic building use calendar; consolidate calendars, if needed
  7. Support for staff and volunteers, as needed
  8. Volunteers – Recruit, organize and oversee volunteers who will assist with assigned tasks a minimum of five hours each week; recruit and train volunteers to cover secretary/administrative assistant tasks in secretary/AA’s absence; provide support to other church projects managed by volunteer(s), as needed
  9. Support for small groups – clerical support for choir, book group, and other groups, as needed
  10. Special events and projects – assist with preparation for funerals, special services, annual reports, conference reports and other special projects, as needed
  11. Record keeping – maintain records for membership, attendance, facility maintenance, facility use, volunteers, staff contact information, and directory
  12. File clerk duties – maintain church’s paper and electronic files, including weekly computer backup
  13. Equipment maintenance – manage and maintain copier, printer, and phone messaging system
  14. Ordering – order office supplies, janitorial supplies, and music, as requested
Current Software Used:  Windows, Outlook, Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel), Shepherd’s Staff, MediaShout, Word Press
Supervisor:  This position is supervised daily by the Pastor and ultimately, by the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
Hours:  This position is 20 hours per week.  Typically, the office will be open in the morning (9:00am-1:00pm M-F), although specific schedules are decided with the Pastor.  Flex time is possible to compensate for errands outside office hours.

Compensation:  The compensation for this position is set annually by the Administrative Council with guidance from the SPRC.
Personnel Policies:  This position is subject to all policies in the BUMC Personnel Manual.


Address: 820 9th St Berthoud CO 80513

Phone: 970-532-2142