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Postponement of Clergy Orders/Fellowship Event


Dear colleagues,


The Orders and Fellowship CO-Chairs, along with Bishop Karen Oliveto, have decided to postpone the Orders/Fellowship Event scheduled for October 20, 2021 until a date in the future when we can be together in person.  The conversations around covenant with one another are precious, and it's a priority to have as many voices in the room as possible.  We recognize the fatigue that is impacting all of us right now, and that while many value the time together, spending another day on Zoom can be tiring.  


Therefore, we encourage each of you to take October 20 as a Sabbath day instead.  Bishop Oliveto will send a letter to SPRCs urging that this day be recognized as such.  We recognize that those of you serving outside of the local church may or may not have been able to carve out the time to attend the event, so a Sabbath on this particular day may not be possible for you.  Whenever you can take it that week, we hope that you will.


You remain on our minds and hearts!


Together in Christ,

Melinda Roberts and Jack Mattingly, Co-Chairs of the Fellowship of Licensed Local Pastors and Associate Members

Eric Strader and Kama Hamilton Morton, Co-Chairs of the Order of Elders

Lee Anderson-Harris and Phil Rogers, Co-Chairs of the Order of Deacons



2021 Clergy Orders & Fellowship Retreat

Clery Orders 2021 has been postponed - Refunds will be issued. Please contact with questions regarding our refund.

2021 Clergy Session

To watch the "Covenant Conversation with Rev. Dr. Trip Lowery," which  was presented during Clergy Session, CLICK HERE



Retirees & Saints Among Us

On Friday, June 4, 2021, the clergy of the Mountain Sky Conference met virtually for an Executive Session.  Traditionally, this meeting is held during Annual Conference, but because AC2021 will be in October, we needed to attend to the business that affects July 1st appointments.  (CLICK HERE to read the complete list on our website)


In addition to other business items that are required by the Book of Discipline, we took some moments to celebrate our clergy who enter into retired status this year.  We celebrate with:

Retired Deacons

  • Laurie Bruce

  • Steve Harter

  • Betty Kniss

Retired Elders

•  David Amrie •  Terri Lynn Hubbard •  William McGrew
•  Virginia Bettendorf •  Sharon Langfeldt •  Tan Van Nguyen
•  Jerry Boles •  Seonyoung Lee •  Debra Olenyik
•  Debra Edwards •  David Lillie •  Susan Warren
•  Steve Goodier •  Joretta Marshall •  Lola West
•  Vivian Hiestand •  William Robert Morris  

Retired Local Pastors

  • Kelly Addy
  • Poasi Manu

We encourage you to reach out to these retirees and share your gratitude for their ministry!

In Remembrance

Bishop Karen also led us in a prayer of remembrance for those clergy who have died in the last year.  Please keep the families of the following in your prayers: 

Retired Associate Members 

  • Kent H. Elliott (1947-2020) 
  • Jack Preston (1945-2021)

 Active Elders

  • David Burnett (1970-2020)

Retired Elders

•  Aaron Black (1948-2020) •  Ramon Perez (1928-2020)
•  Gilbert Caldwell (1933-2020) •  Lonnie Johnston (1931-2020)
•  Rodney Hull (1935-2020) •  Robert Swager (1929-2021)
•  John Lee (1936-2020)  

Retired Deacons

  • Robert Carlisle (1938-2021)
  • Ruth Pittinger (1930-2021)

Active Local Pastors 

  • Johnny Shannon Mayfield (1969-2020)

Retired Local Pastors 

  • Stanton Steuri (1931-2020)