Clergy Circuits

Circuit Purpose Statement

The purpose of circuits is to provide opportunities for Lay and Clergy leaders of local congregations to meet regularly with colleagues for worship, faith development, spiritual formation, mutual support, accountability, peer learning, resource sharing, mission strategy, and experimental collaboration.

Circuit Plan

Circuits have existed in various forms across the Mountain Sky Area for several years. They have taken different shapes and had different emphasizes in different parts of our area. Drawing from the best parts of what has gone before the new circuit plan aims to bring a more consistent and higher quality experience to everyone.

Circuits give us a new way to promote collaboration and peer learning among clergy and local congregations. Since they are smaller in size than districts, circuits can be more agile in adjusting to the needs of their participants. They also provide for more self-direction by the participants, allowing them the ability to focus on what they see as the greatest missional needs of the moment.

Each circuit will have a leader who will be part of a group composed of all circuit leaders and will receiving training and mentoring as part of that group. Circuit leaders will provide valuable feedback to the Mountain Sky Area Cabinet and other area leadership about what resources local congregations need to be successful.


Goals for the first year

  • Have full participation at each of the gatherings (eight gatherings from September through May)

  • Experience firsthand the circuit’s varied ministry by meeting in each other’s settings.

  • Have intentional discussion about gifts, challenges, and hopes

  • Circuits leaders will be trained in coaching

  • Support one another with prayer and develop a covenant to support each other spiritually. 


March 1-May 1, 2017
Identify and name circuits and circuit leaders

June 6, 2017
Circuit Leader Training, 2017 Yellowstone Annual Conference Session

June 14, 2017
Circuit Leader Training at 2017 RMC Annual Conference Session

Annual Conferences
Appointments read by circuits

July-August 2017
Introduction meetings for new circuits in districts

August 2017
Charge Conference agendas/packets distributed

September/October 2017
Circuits begin meeting regularly:  Team building, share dreams for circuits, set Charge Conferences, set dates for circuit meetings through May.

October 2017
RMC Orders Retreat and Yellowstone Clergy Orders

June 2018
Circuit Elder Meeting/Pre-Conference