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Clergy Peer Coaching

Clergy Peer CoachingClergy Peer Coaching is a program within the Mountain Sky Conference that has trained pastor-coaches walk alongside a peer clergy leader to help that person grow toward their goals in life and ministry. The coaching we provide pastors is highly personal, deeply intentional, and always contextual. It is for pastors who are committed to being transformational leaders in their congregations.

Focus, Goals, and Accountability

The art of coaching is standing beside a leader to help that leader get sharply focused on what most needs to happen and then helping them take the accountable steps forward to get there.

Trained pastor-coaches walk alongside a peer clergy leader to help that person grow toward his or her goals in life and ministry. A coach is someone who helps a person move from where they are now to where they want to be, fully recognizing the person who the coach is coaching is the expert in his or her own context.


  1.  Create a culture of clergy peer coaching across the conference. 

  2. Help the leader move toward greater effectiveness and fulfillment by assisting them in developing larger goals, setting clearer objectives and staying focused on the big picture. 

  3. Hold the leader accountable so that the person feels more empowered to make change and move forward toward future goals.

Coaching Skills Employed

Coaches will work with pastor-leaders employing skills such as:

  • Asking powerful questions
  • Reframing perspectives
  • Expanding possibilities
  • Commitment to action followed by accountability

These skills are not just tools which apply in Business Coaching or in the work of Life Coaching. They are equally powerful for persons of faith resolved to living lives that are more like Christ and striving to impact the world.

How to get Involved

  1. If you feel you would benefit from this coaching program, you may contact your District Superintendent or the
    Rev. Annie Arnoldy at
  2. Each person being coached will be entitled to up to 6 free coaching sessions. In 2020, the cost of coaching for the first 6 coaching sessions is funded by Leadership Development of the Mountain Sky Conference.
  3. Those enrolled in the Clergy Academy will receive coaching as participants in the program.


The following people are trained and approved as Mountain Sky Conference Clergy Peer Coaches:

Burry Bessee:

Steve Burnett:

Steve Earnshaw:

Steve Goodier:

Emily Hagan:

Kay Palmer Marsh:

Elizabeth McVicker:

Laura Rainwater:

Deb Olenyik:

Youngsook Kang:


To learn more about coaching at the Mountain Sky Conference, please contact Rev. Annie Arnoldy, Superintendent of Leadership Development at