Community Engagement

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What is Community Engagement?

Engaging and resourcing congregations, communities, and the world for mutual transformation by:

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Ministry Areas and Groups Included in Community Engagement


Missions  |  Advocacy  |  Multicultural Ministries  |  Partnerships

Community Engagement Values

  • Speaking for Ourselves: Individuals and groups are the ones best equipped to name their own realities and needs
  • Creating Space: Making room for voices and the effective advocacy work of traditionally marginalized groups and issues
  • Seeking Collaboration: What we do is enhanced and perfected by the active participation of many
  • Ministry WITH Partnerships: Ministries should always be done in partnership WITH others and not TO or FOR others
  • Ministry is Contextual and Intersectional: Each setting is unique and has overlapping concerns
  • Dreaming God-sized Dreams: Creatively taking risks and experimenting with new things to maximize our potential for being on the edge of ministry innovation

Community Engagement Staff Contacts