Conference Petitions

Below you will find petitions for the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC), Yellowstone Conference (YAC), and Mountain Sky Proposed Conference (MSC). Please download and review the files in preparation for 2018 Joint Annual Conference. In addition, please review the 2018 Joint Annual Conference Petitions and Presenters Guide below.

Petition Numbers
Petitions have been assigned numbers according to the annual conference in which they may be considered during the Joint Annual Conference session in Ogden, Utah, as follows:

  • RMC-xx Rocky Mountain Annual Conference
  • YAC-xx Yellowstone Annual Conference (from RMC Petition Process)
  • YAC-xxx Yellowstone Annual Conference (from YAC Petition Process)
  • MSC-xx Proposed Mountain Sky Annual Conference

Petition Process
No petitions will be considered during the Joint Annual Conference session until Saturday morning, June 9. At that time, petitions related to the proposed Plan of Union will be considered first. The final vote on those petitions will determine which of the petitions submitted to the various annual conferences will be in order for the rest of the session. The Agenda Committee will make that determination and set the order of presentation in consultation with the Bishop.

Petitions and Presenters

RMC_YAC_01 Declaration of Intent to Consider a Plan of Union to Create the Mountain Sky Annual Conference
Presenter: Mission Shaped Future Guiding Team

RMC_YAC_02 Plan of Union
Presenter: Mission Shaped Future Guiding Team

MSC_03 Proclaiming a Welcoming Conference
Ben Roe

RMC_YAC_MSC_04  An Inclusive Church
Presenter: Don Messer & Harvey Martz

RMC_MSC_05 Sale of Conference Office
Presenter: TBD

RMC_MSC_06 Midwest Closure
Presenter: Jeff Rainwater

RMC_MSC_07 Blue Cliff Closure
Presenter: Margaret Gillikin

YAC_101_MSC_08 Affirmation of the Movement of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, Our Tradition, and our Current Context
Presenter: Ira Robison & Israel Alvaran

YAC_102_MSC_09 Inclusive Local Church Lay Staff Employment Policy
Presenter: Ira Robison & Israel Alvaran

YAC_103_MSC_10 Support for State and Federal Non-Discrimination Laws Protecting the Civil Rights of LGBTQ Persons
Presenter: Ira Robison & Israel Alvaran

RMC_11 Health Insurance Programs & Funding
Presenter: TBD

RMC_12 Superintendents and Treasurer Compensation
Presenter: TBD

RMC_13 Moving Expense Reimbursement Policy
Presenter: TBD

RMC_14 Minimal and Equitable Compensation
Presenter: Eric Feuerstein

RMC_15 Phased Rollback of Connectional Giving
Presenter: Roger Wisehart

RMC_16 Consideration of a Plan to Continue the Process of Union
Presenter: Jeff Babb

Rocky Mountain Template and Instructions

2018 RMC Petition Template

2018 RMC Petition Instructions

Yellowstone Template and Instructions

2018 Yellowstone Petition Template 

2018 Yellowstone Petition Instructions