Conflict Transformation Team

The Conflict Transformation Team’s (CTT) purpose is to engage, at the request of a District Superintendent (DS), conflicted churches with the goal of transforming conflict into an opportunity for resolution and strengthening the church.

The CTT’s primary function is to participate in the early information gathering and assessment of the overall conflict transformation process.  It is possible that the act of gathering information and listening to involved parties is sufficient to lesson tensions enough that the church is able to handle the situation on their own.  The CTT may also continue to be involved in the conflict transformation process.

At the onset of the information gathering phase, the DS will:

  • Clarify the expectation of the CTT and identify specific tasks.
  • Describe the identified issue(s).
  • Inform the church of the purpose of the CTT and perform necessary introductions.

The church or parties involved will:

  • Express agreement to the conflict transformation process.
  • Participate in the process.

The Conflict Transformation Team will:

  • Meet with representatives from all perspectives.
  • Search for and identify all contributing factors to the disagreement.
  • Identify varying interests.
  • Model open communication in a way that promotes the process of healing.
  • Provide feedback to the DS.
  • Gather information using a variety of sources:
    • review of relevant documents
    • possible written questionnaire
    • telephone interviews
    • one-on-one interviews
    • small group structured dialogue

The CTT does not pass judgment, decide who is right, or otherwise develop an opinion of the conflict. The CTT reports the findings to the DS.  The DS in consultation with the CTT and the church will agree on the next steps in the conflict transformation process.

CTT One Page Guidelines

A Confidentiality Statement:

Confidentiality requires respect for each person’s input and stories.  During any conflict transformation process it is expected that confidentiality will be honored.