Congregational Vitality



Vital Conversations 2021-11-18 Synergy Between Volunteers & Staff from Mountain Sky Conference | UMC on Vimeo.




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Vital Congregations

The Mountain Sky Area strives to equip local congregations for vital ministry in their communities.  The opportunities for each congregation are unique as are the challenges.  We aim to provide tools that offer local congregations the insights they need to move forward.  You can learn about some of those tools here.

More Vital Congregations Resources

New Church Development

The Mountain Sky Area is committed to starting new faith communities, large and small. As the populations in our area change one way we respond is creating new churches and faith communities where new opportunities are present. Ranging from small, lay lead, house churches, to more traditional clergy lead projects, we aim to create a diverse economy of churches that will meet the needs of the great cultural, ethnic, and age diversity present throughout our area.