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This resource page is designed to support leaders as they make critical decisions in a situation that is quickly changing. We believe it essential that such decisions are made with the latest, fact-based information available to us.

Because our area includes such a broad geography, we are including links to regional resources, broken down by state. Leaders are encouraged to closely follow the guidance of public health agencies in the communities where they live and do ministry.

Mountain Sky Conference News & Resources:

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With COVID restrictions being lifted in states across the Mountain Sky Conference and with the new CDC guidelines, the MSC Ministry in a Time of COVID-19 Task Force offers these resources and recommendations as you begin to  move to greater in-person activities. 

This CDC infographic provides quick and easy information for gatherings. 

Clearly, getting the majority of people in your congregation and community vaccinated is key to returning to pre COVID activities. The COVID-19 team has provided a Vaccination Tool Kit to help you communicate the importance  of vaccines.

Being In-Person Again 

What CAN we do? 

CDC Guidelines and your county health stats provide basic status and infection information to help  determine best practices as you return to in-person activities. 

Our General Rules provide us with a guiding principle to “Do No Harm”. 

As noted in the CDC guidelines, there are different best practices for vaccinated versus unvaccinated  people. Wearing masks when inside continues to protect and help provide a safe place for people to gather  without shaming those who are not vaccinated and provide protection for children, those who are  immuno-compromised and visitors to our facilities. 


Worship Outdoors! 

• Maintain social distancing and you can sing, praise, and celebrate 

Worship Indoors 

• Open doors and circulate the air 

• Gather with safe distancing 

• Use masks for all indoor gatherings so that children, families, and those who are immuno-compromised feel welcome and safe 


• Use one time use cups, plates, bowls and dishware 

• Maintain social distancing in well ventilated fellowship area 

• Fellowship outdoors (You can shed the mask and see people smile!) 

Congregational Singing 

Note: singing indoors remains a major potential transmitter of COVID-19. Sing! The Center for Congregational Song does not recommend singing indoors without masks until 80% of the population has been fully vaccinated! View more information.

Community Groups Using Building 

• Community groups should comply with the same regulations as church members 

Wash Wash and sanitize your hands regularly. 

Watch Watch your social distancing to remain 6 feet apart from anyone in all directions.

Wear Wear your masks! While gatherings may still be governed by local health offices, We all continue to be advised to wear masks for our protection and for others.


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