COVID-19 Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Annual Conference 2022

  We acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and will most likely continue through the Annual Conference in June 2022. We also acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected– and continues to disproportionately affect– Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color as well as disabled and immunocompromised people, and intersections of these identities. 

  In order to live into our Wesleyan values to “do no harm,” and to live into our call to love our neighbors as ourselves, we will be requiring masks to be worn over the participant’s mouth and nose for all indoor events at Annual Conference 2022, and encouraging masks to be worn for any outdoor events and gatherings, where individuals are within 6 feet of one another, regardless of one’s individual risk level. We also encourage anyone attending in person to be fully vaccinated and/or boosted before attending AC 2022. These safety measures are being taken to protect one another, and especially those who are most vulnerable within our Beloved Community. 

With that, we encourage attendees to consider these additional safety measures provided by the CDC:

  • Consider using a self-test before joining indoor gatherings with others who do not live in your household

  • Stay home if you test positive, even if you do not have symptoms*

  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

  • Communicate with the people in groups you lead about prevention strategies

What to do if You Become Sick after Attending a Gathering:

  • Attending a large gathering or event increases your chance of being in close contact with people outside your household and being exposed to COVID-19

  • Take action immediately to self-quarantine 

If you come into close contact with someone with COVID-19:

  • Know when to quarantine or isolate

  • Get tested often, and at least 5 days after your last close contact, at a local clinic and/or with a home testing kit

  • Monitor your symptoms, and see your doctor or medical professional if needed

  • Know how to talk to your close contacts from the gathering to alert them

*In the event you need to stay home from AC 2022, we have online options available to attend. Please contact MSC Event Manager, Jared O’Kegley-Gibson, at for any changes to your registration. We will continue to monitor the situation, and these guidelines may change or be altered as we approach the event.