Disability Visions-Ability Matters

Disability Visions - Ability Matters Committee

The Disability Visions - Ability Matters Committee is based in the Mountain Sky Conference of The United Methodist Church and meets the requirements set forward by  ¶ 653 of The United Methodist Church Book of Discipline 2012. We serve our conference and broader community through developing awareness, advocating, sharing information, and providing educational resources or tools to nurture growth and universal accessibility. Our work together envisions, engages and affirms full inclusivity of persons with disabilities in the church and its functions. The committee values the voices of diversity, and includes persons with disabilities, clergy and lay persons.


In our work together, the Disability Visions – Ability Matters Committee have shared effective, meaningful and practical resources with one another and the people we serve. Our list is growing all the time. The Resource List that we have added below is our current compilation of resources offered for ministry and educational purposes.

Disability Visions - Ability Matters Resource List

The Disability Visions-Ability Matters Committee of the Mountain Sky Conference has created a list of recommendations and information for use in event planning. Universal accessibility, full inclusion, respect for individual dignity, comfort and safety are the focus of our event planning recommendations. Click on the following link to read the full resource.

Event Planning for Universal Accessibility and Full Inclusion

The Disability Visions - Ability Matters Committee offers the Disaster Preparedness Guide For People Unable to Self Evacuate (UTSE). Persons with physical, visual, auditory, cognitive or breathing limitations are called to plan and prepare before a disaster. This guide offers constructive planning information for emergency preparedness.

Disaster Preparedness Guide For People Unable to Self Evacuate

When doing an Annual Accessibility Audit of your church (BOD ¶ 2533 / 2533.6) the Accessibility Audit Form created by the General Council on Finance and Administration of the United Methodist Church is available for your use to assess and address accessibility. Click the following link to download the form from the GCFA website.

Accessibility Audit Form


Rose Rennell (Laity, Wyoming) and Rev. Carol Forbes (Provisional Deacon, Colorado) - Committee Co-Chairs, Disability Visions-Ability Matters

Rev. Jeff Rainwater - Superintendent of Congregational and Community Vitality - jrainwater@mtnskyumc.org