Emerging Faith Community Grants

The Congregational Vitality Committee (CVC) currently supports emerging faith communities through grants from the Mountain Sky Conference budget, the Emerging Faith Community Endowment, and other designated funds. The CVC accepts three grant applications for different stages of an emerging faith community’s development.

Exploration Grant

The Exploration Grant is up to $5000 for teams to explore and assess the feasibility of planting a dependent or independent emerging faith community. The CVC accepts these grants quarterly (deadlines of January 15, March 15, June 15, and October 15). It is awarded based on an evaluation of the application and availability of funds within 45 days of the deadline.

Download Exploration Grant application 

Implementation Grant

The Implementation Grant is for funding relating to planting an emerging faith community. The award of an Implementation Grant is a BIG step in growing an emerging faith community both for the team and the conference. Considerably preparation must be accomplished before, including

  • discernment of a clear vision and detailed ministry action plan,
  • planter assessment,
  • planting team recruitment,
  • and identification of initial partners, including consultation with the District Superintendent.

Implementation Grants are considered annually by the committee. Applications are due January 15.

Download Implementation Grant application

Download Ministry Action Plan template

Ongoing Funding Request

Emerging Faith Community teams currently receive funding from the CVC and want funding to continue must apply annually. These requests are due each year by January 15th.

Download Ongoing Funding Application 

Download Vitality Innovation Grant Application 

Download Vitality Resource Grant Application 

District Superintendent Advisory Form

Coordination with the Bishop, District Superintendent, and Cabinet is needed for a successful plant. Each of the above grant applications requires a District Superintendent Advisory Form to be completed and submitted with the application.

Download District Superintendent Advisory Form

For established congregations interested in participating in a Parent/Child church plant or multi-site expansion, we offer support to help discern your readiness for that project.  This includes a congregational survey utilized nationally by more than 700 congregations.  It can also include an onsite consultation.  If you are interested, please contact us at vitality@mtnskyumc.org.

For individuals interested in exploring the possibility of being a church planter, we offer scholarships to attend a discernment event.  We also have an evaluation process that helps you identify your strengths for church planting.  If you are interested, please get in touch with us at vitality@mtnskyumc.org.