2020 Updates for Ethical Education and Safe Gatherings


A Message from Annie Arnoldy, Superintendent of Leadership Development


May 14, 2020

Greeting Pastors and Youth Workers,

If you have received an email with this notification, it is NOT spam:

You recently received an email from Safe Gatherings regarding the approval you previously received while your church was part of the Rocky Mountain or Yellowstone United Methodist Conference. Your Safe Gatherings approval will need to be renewed now under the Mountain Sky UMC Conference. This is for clergy, staff, and volunteers who work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

Your Safe Gatherings approval expired on _______.


To renew, you must go through the entire process again, including references, background check, and online training. In order to provide references adequate time to respond and to allow yourself time to complete the training, please begin the process and quickly as possible. 

To renew, click on the following link:  Safe Gatherings Registration


Here's a short explanation of the MSC connection with Safe Gatherings:

You must have completed the "Safe Gatherings" process while you were part of Legacy Rocky Mountain or Legacy Yellowstone Conference. Now that we are Mountain Sky, the system is just letting you know you will need to renew your certification in order for it to be valid. We strongly encourage all pastors and youth workers to stay up to date with this, and we encourage all churches to adopt, and implement "Safe Gatherings" into their "Safe Sanctuary" Policy. For all of our conference youth events, adults are required to have completed the "Safe Gatherings" training. For questions on this, contact Amanda Daniell, youngpeople@mtnskyumc.org or Tyler Amundson at tamundson@mtnskyumc.org. 


The Mountain Sky Conference website includes information here: 



 By June 1, we will update the ethical education page and link it to the AC 2020 page with the new options for renewing this piece of training. The team is in the final stages of how we can keep records with an online training, like the Lewis Center for Leadership. You will have until September 1, 2020 to complete this quadrennial requirement. The Ethical Education requirement is separate from the renewal on Safe Gatherings (which includes background check, and safety with youth and vulnerable adults training).