Peaks-Plains DCOM Meeting - Wesley Room, Denver Office
Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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Wesley Room DEN office



Peaks/Pikes Peak District

Peaks-Plains DCOM Meeting
Our tentative agenda is as follows:
9:00 - Approve minutes, catch up on business and discuss Rebecca Dunagan's paperwork and psychologicals. (Her paperwork will be sent to you by Leslie in a couple of weeks. I'll pass her psychologicals out at the meeting.)
10:00 - Meet with Rebecca
10:45 - Process meeting and vote for her certification.
11:00 - Meet with Joe Mazza and Janita Krayniak
     (I'd like to split the group in half so we can interview both simultaneously. Anil, Carolyn and Kay would interview Janita and Leslie would listen in as her mentor. Susan, Ruth and Eunjoo will interview Joe Mazza. I attached some paperwork from Joe that he submitted last year to the former committee. Joe will give a progress report on his present work and education. Janita was given to us by the BOM for one more year. We hope to work with her on relational skills. She has no paperwork to review.)
11:45 Process with the group and dismiss.