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Mile High Metro District Fall Lay Servant Courses
Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

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Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church
3885 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113

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Faye Veal

The Mile High Metro District's Lay Servant Ministries fall classes will be held at Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church in Englewood, Colorado on Oct. 11 and 12. Course summary and instructor information is below. 

Basic Lay Servant Ministries (English):  The foundation for all courses in lay servant ministries.  Participants are encouraged to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts as God intended.  And, to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices, and being part of a group that holds members accountable in their discipleship

Class Leaders:  Kenita Gibbins and Richard Myers. Kenita recently became a Certified Lay Servant, is a long-time member of the Metro District Lay Servant Ministries Team, and has taught several lay servant ministries classes over the years. She is a member of Christ Church United Methodist where she has taught Sunday School, Prayer, and Immigration. She is a Global Volunteer and teaches English in Poland. Richard has been a leader for his home church over the past 15 years, first at Evanston UMC, and currently at Christ Church. He has had an active role in teaching a variety of classes for his home church over the years.
Transforming Evangelism (English):  This course leads participants to learn from John Wesley how to practice relational evangelism.  They will discover that evangelism involves not only sharing their faith with others, but also welcoming people into a community where they can grow in faith.

Class Leader:  Colleen “Coke” Burdick. Colleen is a leader and member of Jefferson Avenue UMC. She is involved in church ministry serving, caring, and communicating her faith in a variety of roles.  She has participated in many lay servant ministries courses and has taught the Basic Lay Servant Ministries course.
Leading Public Prayer (English): Praying in public can be daunting, but prayer is something one learns. This course will help participants grow in confidence and skill in public prayer, and enrich their personal prayer life.

Class Leaders:  Keacha “Keyke” Portanova and Bob Sheely.  Keacha is a member of Applewood Valley UMC, and serves on the Ad Council and the Education Committee.  She leads an exercise ministry, REFIT®, every Tuesday and Thursday night at Applewood Valley UMC. The ministry’s focus is, “Not only do we exercise, but we also have heart work and prayer time.”  Bob Sheely is a member of Applewood Valley UMC and is a member of the church Care Team. He has been recognized for volunteering as a mediator for Jefferson County Court, Gilpin County Emergency Animal Rescue, and the Safe House in Boulder.
Life Together in the United Methodist Connection (Spanish): This course gives participants an overview of the structure and organization of The United Methodist Church.

Class Leaders:  Pastor Manuel Jimenez and Pastor Rafael B. Luna Ruiz. Pastor Jimenez serves the Hispanic Ministry at Brentwood UMC.  He is a graduate of Perkins School of Theology.  He has taught a variety of lay servant ministries classes because he has a passion to empower Christians with Biblical truths that can be applied to their lives.  Pastor Luna is an associate pastor at John Collins UMC Hispanic Ministry in Denver. He is a student at Perkins Course of Study School Denver Satellite and Bible Nazarene College working towards his BA in ministry.  His passion is to teach and preach.
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