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'A Million Hearts' Concert - Trinity UMC, Denver, CO
Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

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Trinity United Methodist Church
1820 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202

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Jerome Síbulo

Trinity United Methodist Church's Music & Arts Ministry presents "A Million Hearts," a free concert featuring local Americana duo Bettman & Halpin and members of Trinity's Music & Arts Ministry. The concert bears the name of a Bettman & Halpin song which was inspired by the quote "If I had a million hearts, I would give them all away to the brokenhearted people, that you see from day to day." The quote is by a teenager involved with Tennyson Center for Children, which is also the beneficiary of any freewill donations collected at the concert.

Come join us at Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Denver on February 16 at 2pm for a free concert about love and spreading love to everyone!

In addition to the concert, we are urging everyone to spread messages of love in a simple yet profound way. Using any piece of paper, cut out a heart shape. On one side, write a caring message... to yourself or to the world. On the other side, write:

"You have received a message of love! Take a pic, share on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #AMillionHearts, and pass the message on to someone else."

Make more than one if you wish! LET'S FLOOD SOCIAL MEDIA WITH HEARTS AND MESSAGES OF LOVE! If you would like to follow a pattern, download our #AMillionHearts challenge handout.

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