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After Christendom: A Crucible Course
This event recurs Every 2 weeks on Wednesday from Wednesday, April 14, 2021 to Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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Jeff Rainwater

Christians across western culture are facing profound challenges and fresh opportunities. The long era of 'Christendom' is coming to an end. We now live in a plural society, with multiple religious options alongside the prevailing secular assumptions. Christianity has lost its position of dominance and privilege, and churches are on the margins of society. Although we seem to be declining in numbers and influence, this context offers many new possibilities – if we have the courage and imagination to grasp them.

Sessions on previous After Christendom modules have included:
•    What was Christendom, and why might we be interested?
•    What is Post-Christendom, and how do we respond?
•    Group Bible study: church in Exile? Psalm 137; Jeremiah 29
•    Reading the Bible after Christendom: what if Jesus meant what he said?
•    Group Bible study: a paradigm shift? Acts 11:1-18
•    Jesus, mission, and church
•    Group work: Tension points?
•    The twilight zone: living between paradigms

$50 per participant, due upon registration