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Day of Remembrance
Sunday, June 6, 2021

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Mountain Sky Conference


Janet Mulroy

After a year of separation and isolation, we set aside a day to gather as a people. A day of collective grieving, healing, and renewal. A day to honor the hardship and sacrifices made, to remember the lives lost during the pandemic. Recognizing the trauma we have endured collectively, it is now time to recognize our grief, so healing and renewal can begin. 

Living Tributes
Trees are living symbols that can nurture healing for individuals and communities of faith. They are a reminder for what was endured and lost, and a reminder of God’s promise for renewal and life.  As a tangible and living symbol of remembrance and hope, all congregations are encouraged to plant a tree at their church. On Sunday, June 6th, the plantings will be dedicated with a liturgy of prayer, scripture, and song in collective worship across the conference.  

Memorial Groves
If a tree planting on-site is not possible, two UMC camps will receive donations for memorial groves. Donations will be accepted to support reforestation at Flathead Lake United Methodist Camp in Rollins, MT and Buckhorn United Methodist Camp in Bellvue, CO.

Worship Resources

A complete worship service appropriate for in-person or online use is available here This includes a printable version suitable for outdoor worship and practical resources for selecting and planting trees. This act of collective remembrance and renewal can be an opportunity for regenerating the bonds of community that we have yearned for this last year and recognize God’s living presence among us on the journey ahead. Please join us for a Day of Remembrance on Sunday, June 6, 2021.