Connecting Neighbors Overview
Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

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Michael Moore

Connecting Neighbors is a curriculum intended for broad use by volunteers willing and able to facilitate workshops and webinars with the goal of inspiring congregations and communities to be better able to minimize disaster-caused harm to people and property and to respond to our neighbors in helpful, cooperative, and caring ways on behalf of the church and in the spirit of Jesus Christ.
One way UMCOR is helping congregations be able to respond from a place of strength is investing in YOU! We would love to have you as an Ambassador, regardless of your experience in disaster response or using Connecting Neighbors. As an Ambassador, you will be equipped to lead, guide and nurture an effective Connecting Neighbors workshop within your church and
others within their area. If you are interested, join us for a 1-hour Connecting Neighbors Overview. This session will introduce you to the purpose of Connecting Neighbors, the design of the curriculum and provide you with the next steps necessary for your journey to becoming a Connecting Neighbors Ambassador.

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Find more information about the Connecting Neighbors Ambassador program here and learn more about the curriculum here.

Questions? Email Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Michael Moore at
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