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The holy hospitality of maintenance and food service
Monday, December 3, 2018 at 5:00 PM to Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 10:00 AM

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Cathedral Ridge Retreat & Conference Center
1364 CR-75
Woodland Park, CO 80863

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Positions of service are the backbone of any successful camp and conference center! As they “set the table,” they face choices and obstacles that directly impact the guest experience. Are your food service and maintenance supervisors supported, engaged and empowered? 

This conference is designed to offer best practices and create a supportive network for service supervisors. We will guide you through the physical and spiritual challenges of providing truly holy hospitality.

This is essentially two workshops: One for Facilities/Maintenance supervisors and one for Food Service supervisors, with meals, worship, and social time as shared community time.


Food Service Track: 

- Recipe Sharing & Menu Planning
- Leadership Skills & Time Management: This session will teach skills and share systems and schedules to maximize your effectiveness as a leader in the kitchen and within your organization, and your team's efficiency.
- Staffing Models that Work: Let's talk about the realities of working with part-time, seasonal, and summer (Read: young) staff! 
- Monthly & Annual Budgeting: We'll learn how to determine how much a meal costs, and how to work within and maintain a monthly and annual budget. 
- Working with Guest Services/Reservations: Do you ever feel like the kitchen is a silo? This session will discuss how to effectively work across departments to get the information and feedback you need, and having a seat at the table for organizational decisions. 

Facilities & Maintenance Track: 
  • Security: From fencing through active shooting procedures, how secure is your facility? This session will discuss practical issues and considerations, including how/when to lock buildings, grounds, and equipment, the different audiences your site hosts, varied and extensive terrain and boundaries, and teach you how to implement and train on new systems. 
  • Forestry: In this session, we will tour and explore Cathedral Ridge’s neighboring Pike National Forest, a million+ acre forest, with an area expert, and discuss maintaining a healthy ecosystem, trail creation and maintenance, and issues specific to your own geography and weather. 
  • Long-Term Planning & Budgeting: What will your facility look like in 10, 15, 25 years? What do you need to do today, and each day going forward, to reach that vision? Through case studies and a discussion of obvious and obscure obstacles, this session will help you envision the future of your center – and facilities’ place in that future. You will put together a roadmap for getting there, learning how to establish a system and process for all types of project planning and management. 
  • Alternative Energy Options: The alternative energy industry is constantly changing and getting more flexible and accessible: This session will get you current on the potential of and options for alternative energy at your center. 
We hope your center will take advantage of this opportunity to support and empower your maintenance and food service staff: 

Registration Fees: $275/double occupancy or $300/single occupancy, with airport transportation and scholarships available. 

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