First 12 Training

May 14th & 15th in Billings, MT

Starting a new church, faith community, or place for new people? 

The first twelve people to join you in starting a new place for new people, new church, or new faith community will set the tone and shape for the future, set the pattern for replicating leadership, and begin a cascade of invitation. Finding those first twelve people who are invested and committed as leaders with you in helping start a new ministry is a key initial step in growing into something larger without your vision burning out or stalling out before a successful ministry launch.

First 12 is a two-day training event designed to help you gather and grow the first twelve committed, core people. Combined with a year of practical coaching follow-up, you will learn the skills, habits, and lifestyle practices that will give your new vision the best chance of launching with a team of twelve committed leaders. Although designed the team at Path1 New Church Starts from principles of new faith community planting, this training is equally valuable for existing church leaders who want to start new small groups, new fellowships, new mission outreaches, new worship services, or new gatherings.

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Evangelical United Methodist Church
345 Broadwater Ave
Billings, MT 59101

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DoubleTree Hotel Billings

Monday, May 14th 10am - 5pm
Tuesday, May 15th: 8am - Noon