Forms and Deadlines



Download a travel voucher and return to the Rocky Mountain Conference Office, 6110 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Greenwood Village, CO 80111.

Travel Reimbursement guidelines per Annual Conference Standing Rules and Operational Procedures 3.1.1 (found on page 316 of the 2014 Journal):

3.1.1. Travel -- Annual Conference Travel allowance to Annual Conference will be paid to those lay members and clergy members noted in this section below. Payment in the amount of 15¢ per mile, excluding the first 175 miles, with an additional 5¢ per mile for each additional conference member riding along, will be paid from an equalization travel pool, to be funded by an amount added to the registration fee of all Annual Conference members. Travel will be paid only to those who have paid a registration fee, and attend the full conference session, except in the case of emergency. In addition to lay members, the following are reimbursable members of the Annual Conference: Elders, deacons, Associate Members, full time local pastors, part-time local pastors and student pastors serving churches in the conference under appointment by the Annual Conference, deacons, part-time local pastors and student pastors serving churches in the conference. Retired or disabled clergy, military chaplains, and other full clergy members of the conference serving extension ministries who are within the boundaries of the conference. Others shall be reimbursed for not more than a total of 500 miles. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of the conclusion of the travel

Vouchers for reimbursement will be distributed at the end of 2015 Annual Conference session on Sunday, June 14.