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General Conference

Purpose of the Special Session
The Council of Bishops (COB) has called a Special Session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church (UMC) to be held Feb. 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

In announcing the call, COB President Bishop Bruce R. Ough said the Special Session will be held in accordance with Division Two - Section II - Article II of The Constitution of The United Methodist Church as recorded in Paragraph 14 of The Book of Discipline (2016).

The purpose of this Special Session of the General Conference shall be limited to receiving and acting upon a report from the Commission on a Way Forward based upon the recommendations of the Council of Bishops. The 32-member Commission was appointed to examine paragraphs in The Book of Discipline concerning human sexuality and exploring options to strengthen the unity of the church.

General Conference is the top policy-making body of The United Methodist Church. The General Conference 2020 will take place May 5-15, 2020, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Below you will find lists of the Yellowstone Legacy Conference and Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference delegates to the General Conference. 

Yellowstone Legacy Conference Delegates

Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference Delegates


Yellowstone Legacy Conference Delegates

For the laity, Don McCammon will serve as delegate to General Conference and Peg Plimpton will serve as alternate delegate as well as head to the Jurisdictional Conference.

The three laity alternates to Jurisdictional are Diane Martin, Alice Swett and Steve Martin.

For the clergy, Tyler Amundson will serve as delegate to General Conference and Jeremy Scott will serve as alternate delegate as well as head to Jurisdictional Conference.

The three clergy alternates to Jurisdictional are Dave AndersenMark Calhoun and Kama Hamilton Morton.

Here is the list of clergy and laity who have submitted their Statements of Availability. If information is missing, please inform Mark Calhoun, Conference Secretary, at

Tyler Amundson 

Mark Calhoun

Diane Martin

Steve Martin

Donald McCammon

Kama Hamilton Morton

Peg Plimpton

Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference Delegates

Below are the list of clergy and laity delegates. For laity, click on each name for contact information. For clergy, contact information can be found in the online directory.

General Conference Laity

General Conference Clergy

Jurisdictional Conference Laity

Jurisdictional Conference Clergy

Doug Palmer

Kent Ingram - Chair

Margaret Hotze

Cathie Kelsey

Kunle Taiwo

Brad Laurvick

Judy Hill

Jessica Rooks

Harvey Tukutau

Megan Armstrong

Liwliwa Robledo

Eric Smith


Glenna Brayton

Michael Dent


Diana Huerta

Sione Tukutau


Laurie Day

Elizabeth McVicker

Alternate Laity to Jurisdictional Conference

Alternate Clergy to Jurisdictional Conference


Ruth Wills

Jerry Herships


Curtis Gay

Melanie Rosa



Megan Armstrong

I would like to represent the conference for General and/or Jurisdictional Conferences. I am passionate for seeking positive change in the institution of the church, so we can work towards the mission of transforming the world. As a young adult, I am seeking ways to rekindle faith in my generation and those younger, and my call as a Deacon leads me to find opportunities for this from within and beyond the walls of the local church. I believe we can learn from each other and can find God in our differences, not by confining or removing them.


Mike Dent

I would consider it an honor to serve as a conference delegate to the 2016 WJC and a reserve delegate to the 2016 GC. Having attended nine World, General, and Jurisdictional Conferences and having been a delegate at each level, I am acquainted with the church’s workings.

It has been my privilege to serve the conference on the BOM, Metro DCOM, IMN Campaign Co-Chair, MEF Chair, and Iliff Trustee Board Member. A fourth-generation Methodist and a pastor since age 20, I have planted a new church, as well as serving two historic downtown congregations for the past 19 years.


Jerry Herships

I think the church is moving into an exciting time. Challenging, frustrating at times, but above all exciting. I believe this excitement can be generated from the top down as well as in the grass roots fashion. I think our Jurisdiction can lead the charge in making daring, exciting choices and I think we are at a time in the church when these choice are not only suggested but required. The most dangerous move we can make is to play it safe. I think there is excitement in the UMC and if we are willing to adapt and change, some of our best years could be in front of us.


Kent Ingram

First of all, I want to thank the conference for electing me as a reserve delegate to General Conference last Quadrennium. I would be honored to serve again in any capacity that the conference sees as appropriate. I bring a wealth of connections from across the church. I am passionate about the local church where I have served for 34 years. I am committed to the unity of this church I love. I am supportive of the full inclusion of all people in the ministry and leadership of the church. I also take my ordination to “order” very seriously, as seen by my service to the conference.


Cathie (Catherine) Kelsey

The UMC is the largest, most globally diverse, democratically run organization in history. If we learn how to work together with our shared faith in Jesus, under shared guidance of Holy Spirit, and with our significant differences largely intact, a new piece of the Kingdom of God will emerge as a gift to our struggling world. That possibility is worth our best effort. Second, the Holy Spirit is inspiring a multitude of forms of faith community. Our Discipline needs to be able to embrace what is being birthed in our time. Finally, Iliff fully supports the time needed to serve.


Brad Laurvick

My desire to serve as a GC delegate stems from a sense of call. My gifts and graces have prepared me for the petitions, committees, procedures, and debate that facilitate discerning God's will at GC. My previous service as a delegate has given me the experience necessary to face the difficult work that lies before us. I do not seek to go because of a single issue, but to engage the work of the church, representing the values I learned in the churches of the conference, where I discovered my call to serve the local church and the general church.


Elizabeth McVicker

Serving the conference as a delegate would be a tremendous honor and opportunity to contribute to the UMC. I was ordained elder in the Desert-Southwest Conference in 1999, have served 5 congregations, born in Burma, and Chinese American. I serve the conference as Conference Secretary, co-lead a clergy circuit group, Religion and Race, clergy coach, and conflict transformation team. Through involvement in the conference in a wide variety of capacities, I have developed a sense of the strengths of the denomination, and an understanding that God is calling United Methodists to envision new forms of ministry.


Jessica Rooks

I believe it is possible to gather as the UMC in a spirit of holy conferencing and holy conversation, open to God working through us. I believe the issues and challenges we face are not easy, and are not either/or, black/white, win/lose issues. I believe in beginning with respect for all persons, and listening to all voices. It is in this spirit and with these beliefs that I put my name forward as a delegate, in the hopes of representing our diverse conference.


Sione Tukutau

I have served the conference for 17 years; 14 years at local churches and 3 as a District Superintendent for the Utah/Western Colorado District.

As a first generation Pacific Islander who has been shaped by his tradition and culture, and has been exposed to and learned tremendous creative skills, cultural differences and challenges in ministry; I believe that I would benefit both the General and Jurisdictional Conferences. I come from a very traditional, conservative background, but having served in both conservative and liberal churches, I believe I would be a key agent to bridge the issues between both.