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Health & Wellness

For more comprehensive information on health benefits, please visit the Wespath Benefits | Investments website.

Due to COVID-19 the end dates for BFW and HQ participation have been extended through September 30, 2020.  

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Introducing HealthFlex Exchange   ***  Coming January 1, 2021  ***   

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HealthFlex Benefits




Behavioral Health and EAP

Pharmacy — OptumRx

Wellness Programs/Guidelines

HealthFlex provides comprehensive wellness programs and incentives to encourage plan participants to know their health risks and take action to manage or improve them.

Reimbursement Accounts

Vision Service Plan — VSP

Cigna Dental

Via Benefits

Informational video for Legacy Yellowstone Retirees transitioning their HRA from Prodegi to Via Benefits on 1/1/2020

OneExchange is now Via Benefits!

Participants can reach Via Benefits at 1-888-249-7785

Important Information for Retirees Regarding Via Benefits:

  • No HealthFlex premium payments or deductions from pension checks
  • Conference will provide a monthly stipend (HRA) to retirees which will be deposited in a tax advantaged (tax free) Health Reimbursement Account to be used for medical related expenses such as premiums, co-pays and deductibles. (Any money not used in one calendar year automatically rolls over for future year use). You must work through Via Benefits for your supplemental to receive the HRA.
  • The Conference Board of Pension & Health will review the monthly stipend (HRA) every 2 years. The current amounts are as follows:
    • $1,800/year - Retired eligible participants with 20 or more years of Pre-82 service.
    • $1,200/year - Retired eligible participants with less than 20 years of Pre-82 service.
  • With the assistance and support of Licensed Benefit Advisors at Via Benefits, retirees can purchase a health plan most suited to their individual needs and, in general, at a lower cost.
  • Your Board has established a “safety net” fund to assist with unanticipated “outlier” medical costs incurred by retirees.

Affordable Care Act

These documents summarize key features of the ACA that may affect you as a clergy person or lay employee of The United Methodist Church (UMC).

Link to Wespath Benefits | Investments to read the most up to date communication regarding the ACA:

Making Online Payments

You now have the option to make online payments through the Ministry Financials website. If you do not have your Ministry Financials username and/or password, please email