How You Can Help

In our U.S. democracy, engaging with elected officials is a civic responsibility.  Visit, call, email, or reach out via social media to express your concern for God's creation to your elected officials.

Directly contact your Senator and/or Representative

The United States Capitol Switchboard is: (202) 224-3121.
Find your US Senators at
Find your US Representative at
Find the US Senate and House schedules

Find your state representative or state senator at these links.





Write a letter to the editor or opinion piece

Write a letter to the editor or opinion piece for your local newspaper or for the newspaper of record in the state where a Senator or Representative of interest to you (for example, Joe Manchin of West Virginia or Krysten Sinema of Arizona who both oppose some of the climate change measures in the proposed budget) works.  See 350Colorado’s  Write Letters to the Editor and Op Eds website for ideas on how to begin.

Speak one on one with your friends and relatives 

This has been shown to be highly effective in broadening perspective and educating others in our communities. Life is busy and so many just don’t have time to add watching the news every day or checking out climate change websites. If they have a trusted source (like you!) of information, it may help them see how immediate the need for climate change mitigation measures is and how dangerous it is not to act.

Sign up for Action Alerts of this website or others

Action Alerts are messages sent directly to interested parties when important legislation is reaching a critical stage and needs citizens to take action. If you would like to be on the Mountain Sky Climate Justice Task Force contact list for Action Alerts. Send an email to for more information.  And/or go to Just Energy 4 All | United Women in Faith (  to get their Action Alerts.

Engage in Public Hearings and Town Halls

With your legislators, County Commissioners,  and Public Service Commissions.

Face-to-Face meetings with your Legislators 

The UMC Wide Creation Justice Movement has a website with ideas and information about meeting with your Representative or Senators: The “use our form to plan and record your visit” button takes you to an excellent checklist.

Agenda for typical virtual legislative meeting (30 minutes)

  • Introductions
  • Why addressing climate change is a faith issue
  • Importance of Renewable Energy
  • Importance of Clean Transportation
  • Importance of Just Transition and Environmental Justice
  • Questions and conversation
  • Reiterate ask
  • Group photo

Read or write newsletters for your church

Pursue educational opportunities

Pursue educational opportunities on effective lobbying techniques. Below are resources for learning more.