From the earliest days, humans have been migrants. There is no one universal reason for migration, but the movement from one place to another is often fueled by the promise of a better future in the new location.

Immigrants to the United States are often fleeing war, economic scarcity, persecution, the effects of globalization, and many other reasons.

Roughly 11 million undocumented people live in the United States. They pay US$12 billion in payroll taxes annually, according to the Social Security Administration. That doesn’t count how much they pay in other taxes, like property and sales taxes. Meanwhile, the United States spent more than US$18 billion on immigration enforcement in 2012 alone.

Unauthorized immigration to the U.S. is part of a larger global migration crisis. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has estimated that 65.3 million people were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015. U.S. policy has focused on enforcement, rather than addressing root causes. It is time to focus on holistic reform. We affirm that God’s love knows no human boundary. Let us put our faith into action.

What does the Bible have to say about immigration?

What can I do as a member of a local United Methodist congregation?

What resources are available for me to learn more?

What about the Sanctuary Movement?


Rev. Bich Thy (Betty) Nguyen  - Multicultural and Advocacy Ministries Developer