Immigration Action Opportunities

Action Ideas for Your Local Community

  • Join a Rapid Response Network. The Colorado Rapid Response Network (CORRN) has volunteer dispatchers, observers, and others positioned around the state to provide immediate  assistance to immigrant communities in need. Those who want to volunteer for the network, either as an operator or legal observer, can sign up here.
  • Build relationships locally between immigrants and nonimmigrants. Have your church become an Immigrant Welcoming Community.
  • Connect with your local Sanctuary Movement. In Colorado, the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition has been networking together churches across the state. Although no formal Sanctuary network exists yet in Utah, Wyoming, or Montana, efforts are being made through the Wyoming Interfaith Justice Movement and the Montana Association of Christians to start working together around these issues.

Engagement and Advocacy Organizations

  • El Centro Humanitario, – Denver and Aurora, Colorado – prevents exploitation of day laborers; offers empowerment programs for women. Volunteer or just visit and talk with clients.
  • American Friends Service Committee/Coloradans for Immigrant Rights - AFSC’s Colorado Immigrant Rights Program works to create public discourse and policy that supports immigrants’ full human rights. ASFC collaborates with groups across the state to highlight the root causes of immigration and find humane responses to it. 
  • Rights for All People, - RAP’s mission is to bring the voices of immigrant leaders and their allies to the struggle for equality, mutual respect, and justice in the metro Denver area through education, community organizing, and successful campaigns. Recently volunteers have shown solidarity by attending deportation hearings.
  • Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition