Important Pending State Legislation and Policy

The Mountain Sky Conference includes four states and one church in Idaho - Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana - and a portion of Idaho.  An excellent source of climate change proposed, passed, pending or failed state legislation in each of these states is the National Conference of State Legislatures Tracking Database:

State specific sites are listed under each state below.



State legislation in 2021:

The Colorado Energy Office is pursuing and planning for the reduction of greenhouse gases. An interesting website you may wish to use to find out more is:

Many other organizations in Colorado follow proposed climate change legislation. For example, the non-profit Big Pivots, publishes a free electronic newsletter each month which includes Colorado bills and policy that may affect greenhouse gas emissions. Find out about Big Pivots at their website:

PUC Considering Xcel Energy’s Electric Resource Plan

Xcel Energy is currently negotiating with the CO Public Utilities Commission (PUC) over its Electric Resource Plan, or ERP, which will determine what types of energy Xcel Energy will use to generate our electricity for the next several years. The ERP can be accessed here. Excel still burns coal at its Comanche Plan in Pueblo and natural gas (methane) at two Denver area plants, Cherokee and Arapahoe. The Denver plants are not scheduled to close before 2030.

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