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Intercultural Competency

Graceful Leadership Intercultural Competency Training:

What it is:

The Graceful Leadership Trainings are cross-cultural workshops provided by the Mountain Sky Conference in an effort to bring additional ways of working with diversity when a Pastor from another culture, race, or ethnicity is appointed to lead a local congregation.

Who participates:

We encourage leaders and members of congregations, the pastors, and any staff to participate. 

What happens in the workshop?

The workshops offer new ways to consider cultural  differences and encourage curiosity about other cultures. We explore ways of asking questions and ways to work together in harmony to further the mission of the church. 

The workshops are not culture-specific; in other words they do not explain Mexican, Peruvian, Tongan, United States, Korean or any other culture in detail. The workshops encourage openness to the culture of 'the other' and new ways to think about and work through differences.

What can we expect from the MSC?

This Graceful Leadership Training has been designed to be presented in two workshops in the local church setting.

Two people from our MSC team will visit your congregation and present the material. A few months later the team will come back to present more material and process questions that may have cropped up over the course of that time.

How much will this cost the local church?

Costs of these workshops are covered by the MSC, via the funding of Tithe/Wider Mission.

Loving each other in truth and in action:

In our emerging multi-cultural society, don't we all want to sustain and grow the ministries of our local churches? Don't we already know we are supposed to love one another in truth and in action? (1 John 3:16-24) These workshops can help us all move in that direction.