Lay Scholarships

The Board of Lay Ministry of the Mountain Sky Conference provides scholarships for lay members to attend an event or workshop that would help you spiritually, increase your knowledge, or strengthen your leadership ability.

Scholarship amounts are up to $250 for in-state events and up to $500 for out-of-state events and workshops.

The following guidelines and procedures have been developed to facilitate the use of the funds available for this purpose.


  1. Applications will be accepted and considered only from lay members of the United Methodist Churches of the Mountain Sky Conference.

  2. Funds will not be awarded for educational events meant to accredit laity for professional certification.

  3. Special consideration will be given to educational events that provide lay leadership for Mountain Sky Conference priorities. The scholarship fund is intended to promote activities that extend beyond the local church and strengthen the connectional ministry. 

  4. Applications should be received 30 days prior to the date of the event.

  5. The principle of participatory funding is paramount. The total cost is to be shared by the participant, the local church, and the annual conference. Additional sources of funding should also be explored.

  6. The following questions must be answered:

    1. What do you hope to accomplish by participating in this program, plan, or event? 

    2. How does this complement your participation in your local church? 

    3. How does this help you and your church engage more effectively into the local community?

    4. What do you see as benefits for the sub-district, district or the annual conference from your attendance at this event?

  7. The application must be signed or acknowledged via email by the pastor or a representative of the local church.

  8. You are expected to submit an evaluation of your experience within 30 days after the completion of the event. Please send it to one of the scholarship coordinator as designated below.

The current scholarship coordinators are:

Nancy Flint and Ken Hazlitt

Applications and evaluations may be mailed to:

 Nancy Flint, 125 Lewis Lane, Columbia Falls, MT 59912,


Ken Hazlitt,  206 Colorado Place, Sterling. CO 80751,

Download the Lay Scholarship Application HERE