Leadership Development

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Guiding Statement:

The Mountain Sky Conference strives to develop Adaptive Leaders who have the
capacity to respond to God's movement now, in diverse contexts with diverse people.

Definition of Adaptive Leadership: 

Adaptive leaders help congregations wrestle with the questions of a changed environment, and work collaboratively in community to discover creative answers to what God is doing now in our midst. 

Characteristics of an Adaptive Leader 

One of the primary characteristics of an Adaptive Leader is the ability to ask questions. 

Inspired by Gil Rendle's book, Quietly Courageous, the Mountain Sky Conference Leadership Development Team has compiled a list of adaptive leadership questions. All leaders are encouraged to wrestle with these questions, both individually and collectively within their congregations. 

       Adaptive Leadership Questions:

  • Who are we now?

  • Who is our neighbor now?

  • Where do we see God/Christ/Spirit moving now? (In our world, our community, our church, our lives)

  • In light of what we see, how will we join with what God is doing?

  • How will we join with one another?

Leadership Development Team’s Role:

We commit to providing opportunities to explore these questions with you, support what God is doing now in your midst, and to continue learning together in community, as we discover the ways God is working across our region. 

Contact information:

Annie Arnoldy - Superintendent of Leadership Development - aarnoldy@mtnskyumc.org
Aaron Gray - Leadership Development Chair - pastor@cumc-fc.org