Leadership Development

We develop leaders within the Mountain Sky Conference in order to:

  • Build up the body of Christ and further God’s mission and ministry both inside and outside the church
  • Encourage and nurture God’s call in our lives
  • Cultivate, strengthen, and utilize the spiritual gifts God has given us
  • Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

We believe that excellent clergy and lay leaders should strive to:

  • Make new disciples and encourage lifelong discipleship growth for all people along every stage of faith
  • Recognize and encourage the development of people’s God-given gifts in ways that help them meaningfully share these gifts both inside and outside the church
  • Equip others for ministry and offer opportunities for leadership development and leadership involvement to all people on a regular basis
  • Look beyond the walls of the church to engage and partner with the community in ways that extend the transformative ministry of the church into the world
  • View challenging circumstances as opportunities to engage in holy risk-taking and follow God’s leading into an unknown future