Legislative Advocacy

The information on this page is provided by the Legislative Advocacy Group of the Creation Justice Task Force to educate church leaders on current legislative issues related to Climate Justice.  The information is not meant to reflect any official position adopted by the Mountain Sky Conference.

The mission of the Mountain Sky Conference Legislative Advocacy Group is to:

Collaborate with other organizations and assist local churches and the conference to educate and mobilize people of faith to advocate for Federal and State Legislation in the pursuit of Climate Justice.

 To fulfill this mission, we will be the central point of contact for all churches in the Conference on Climate Legislation.  

True to our mission, this webpage will provide summaries of the issues and legislation they address for those new to climate change, and ideas and tools for you or your church to mobilize in advocacy. Please click the buttons below to travel easily to these topics! 

Occasionally we will post an “Action Alert” for a very important piece of climate change legislation on this cover page. Right now, that bill is HR 5376, the Build Back Better piece of the 2022 federal budget, also called the “Budget Reconciliation” bill. This bill MUST include climate justice language and funding and is currently under debate by Democrats, some of whom are “moderate” and asking that pieces of this bill be eliminated. We invite you to learn more on our Important Federal Legislation page and contact your elected representatives today  to urge them NOT to cut programs in the bill that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support climate-vulnerable communities, and promote racial justice.

Use this link to send or modify a generic email to Tell Congress to Make Climate Justice a Priority and/or  where sample letters can be modified or sent as is.