Legislative Advocacy

In 2023, much of the progress to be made on climate action will take place in state legislatures. In a participatory democracy like ours, you and your church have the right to advocate for climate action.  Click on one of the states below to learn how to engage.


This information is for people of faith who wish to advocate for federal and state legislation in the pursuit of climate justice.  Please note that faith communities are permitted to lobby for legislation without jeopardizing their 501(c)(3) designations.  

The information on this page is provided by the Legislative Advocacy Group of the Creation Justice Task Force whose mission is to collaborate with other organizations and assist local churches and the conference  in educating and mobilizing people of faith to advocate for Federal and State Legislation in the pursuit of Climate Justice.

*Note: Volunteers of the Legislative Advocacy team, which is a part of the Creation Justice Task Force of the Mountain Sky Conference, provided the information on this page. The information provided does not reflect any official positions of the United Methodist Church or its Mountain Sky Conference.