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This page contains links to organizations and other sources to help educate yourself and others so that we can all advocate for inclusion for those who are LGBTQ+. The lists and resources provided are not comprehensive. If you have other organizations or resources you think should be included, please reach out to our Designer of NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries.


Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ+ Youth

LGBTQ+ youth are sometimes at a higher risk of attempting suicide than their cisgender or straight peers. The good news is that this is preventable. Visit the Trevor Project ( for more information on how to help prevent LGBTQ+ teen suicide. We also recommend reading their 2020 National Survey on LGBTQ+ Mental Health (click here) to understand the statistics and risk factors that may increase a queer teen's likelihood of attempting or considering suicide.


Everyday Inclusion

Looking for ways to incorporate inclusion in your ministry everyday? Click here to view our "Everyday Inclusion" videos for short and simple ways to be more inclusive to LGBTQ+ people in your ministry everyday!



Whether you're looking for books for a study or to share with LGBTQ+ members in your congregation, there is a selection for you! Check out our selection below:

"Transforming" by Austen Hartke

"God and the Gay Christian" by Matthew Vines

"Welcoming and Affirming" by Leigh Finke

"Queerfully and Wonderfully Made" by Leigh Finke


LGBTQ+ Organizations by State