Local Church Engagement

The Creation Care Church Initiative


“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it…”  (Psalm 24:1)

The scriptures are full of references to God’s creation and to humanity’s relationship with it.  The Creation Care Church Initiative (CCCI) is a covenant congregation program that empowers a local church to live out its faith, given the Biblical mandate to care for and be good stewards of all that God has so lovingly created.

Introductory Information

The categories chosen for this CCCI are representative of the total life and ministry of a congregation and include:

  • Worship
  • Discipleship
  • Stewardship
  • Evangelism
  • Mission

We want a Creation Care Church to understand that everything it does in ministry is connected to God’s creation; in other words, caring for creation is so fundamental to who we are as Christians that it must necessarily be infused into every aspect of the life of a congregation; hence the categories of Worship, Discipleship, Stewardship, Evangelism, and Mission.

We invite you to explore the ideas offered in the CCCI document and consider ways in which we can all participate in caring for God's creation.

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The mission of Local Church Engagement is to offer tools, support and guidance in assisting each Mountain  Sky Conference church to covenant and create ways to be  a Creation Care Church.  Want to learn more?  Contact Jay Vestal at jayvestal@msn.com or at creationjustice@mtnskyumc.org