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Local Church Resources on GC2019

Graphic of Way Forward timeline

Need resources to talk about the 2019 Special Called General Conference Session? Below are brochures, videos and a prayer card to share with your congregation or small group. More resources will be added to this page as we collect them.

Sharing Resources

Video Resources

Mountain Sky pastor, A.J. Bush, along with other staff, has created a series of videos to help explain the Special Session of General Conference in 2019. Feel free to share these with your congregation or small group.

Prayer Resources

As The United Methodist Church prepares for the special called session of General Conference in St. Louis, we invite you to join the Mountain Sky Conference as we pray for our denomination, our local churches and all who will be attending the gathering. Beginning today and every day through the rest of February, please take a few minutes at noon to pray. The attached prayer card and instructions below can help guide your reflection time. Through prayer, we will find strength together. And we will know that no matter what is decided at General Conference 2019 or what happens in the weeks and months following, we can continue to be vital congregations sharing the grace of Jesus across this area that we love.

Prayer card Instructions:

  1. PRINT this card 2-sided on 8.5"x11” paper.
  2. CUT paper on "cut here" line (vertical line).
  3. FOLD on "fold here" line (horizontal line) with logo facing out.
  4. GIVE to members and friends of your congregation to carry with them each day as a noontime prayer guide. Praying this should only take a few minutes.