Mileage and Flight Reimbursements

Travel allowance will be paid to the following lay members and clergy members:
• Voting Lay Members to the Annual Conference
• Elders, deacons, associate members, full time local pastors, part-time local pastors, and
student pastors serving churches in the conference under appointment by the Annual
• Retired or disabled clergy, military chaplains, and other full clergy members of the
conference serving extension ministries who are within the boundaries of the conference.

a. Travel allowance will be paid only to those members who have paid a registration fee and
attend the full conference session, except in the case of emergency. The purpose is to
equalize those who live far from the geographic location of Annual Conference AND who have no other sources for reimbursement (especially laity). Clergy members are to utilize the reimbursable funds in their clergy compensation before requesting reimbursement from
this pool of funds.
b. Eligible members who drive to annual conference will be at the IRS Volunteer Mileage Rate,
excluding the first 225 miles of travel. If eligible drivers have additional conference members
riding along, then they will receive an additional $0.05 (five cents) per mile for each
additional eligible passenger. There will be a maximum reimbursement of $250 with
accompanying documentation.
c. Eligible members who travel to annual conference by rental car, bus, train, airplane, or ride
sharing service (Uber/Lyft) will be reimbursed a maximum of $250 with accompanying
d. Reimbursement will be based on mileage substantiated by a source such as Google Maps.
e. Annual conference travel reimbursement will be paid from an equalization travel pool,
which will be funded by an amount added to the registration fee of all Annual Conference
f. Subsidy funds for hardship and distance - a lay or clergy member can apply for funds to
cover travel costs if a church cannot afford to support lay or clergy member participation in
Annual Conference (for clergy - with D.S. signature)

Please check back here for more Reimbursement updates!