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Experience education and transformation 

Mission u events are inspiring and interactive experiences for all ages of lifelong learners. At Mission u, you will:

  • Study one or more of the courses offered:
    • What About Our Money? A Faith Response
      What About Our Money? A Faith Response explores how we relate to money within the context of our faith. Through this connection between our faith and our money, readers discover how to live closer to God and God’s people, even in our North American culture that is so deeply defined by money. She explores the biblical foundation of abundance (sufficiency), which stands in opposition to the scarcity narrative our culture tells us from the time we are very young. The focus of this study is both personal and communal. Readers will explore their own relationship with money, the money choices available to us, and how we individually and collectively respond in light of our faith. The text takes into account that we are all in different places, in different financial circumstances, health, family structure, race, age, and stage of life, and each of us has our own values and capacities.

    • Spiritual Growth Study: Practicing Resurrection: The Gospel of Mark and Radical Discipleship
      In Mark and Radical Discipleship, author Janet Wolf explores what it means to live a life of radical discipleship today using the Gospel of Mark as the foundation. Wolf explores the timeless issues of poverty, gender, justice, liberation, equality, and others using Mark as a guide. The stories of the women in Mark are a particular focus in this study and how, although often unnamed, they are prominent among Jesus’ followers and in Mark’s recounting of the gospel story.

    • Women United for Change: 150 Years in Mission
      United for Change by Ellen Blue is the first in a two-year study commemorating United Methodist Women’s 150th anniversary in 2019. It will provide a historical survey of United Methodist Women and its predecessor organizations and amplify the voices that shaped the work through an overarching story of United Methodist Women changing the face of mission. This study is about women who established vibrant societies to support mission.

  • Share meals and fellowship with other members of your community
  • Learn about Christian faith and social justice issues
  • Grow spiritually
  • Access new books, resources, and creative ideas

Mission U 2019 Dates:

Two Day Events:

Contact Cathy Speich-Ferguson, Mission U Dean for more information on Yellowstone Legacy Conference events.

Contact Janet Wolfer, Mission U Dean, for more information on Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference events. 
One-Day Events:

  • Mission U at Longmont UMC, Longmont, CO -July 24
  • Mission U at Delta UMC, Delta, CO - Aug. 3
  • Mission U at First UMC, Ogden, UT - Aug. 10
  • Mission U at First UMC, Gillette, WY - Aug. 17
  • Mission U at First UMC, Cortez, CO - Aug. 24
  • Mission U at Lamar UMC, Lamar, CO - Oct. 12