Mission Fundraising Ideas

Here are some creative ways that churches and groups have raised money for missions:

  • “Sink the boat’ activity for the children.  A child’s pool was filled with water, ‘boats’ (banana split boats from DQ) were put in the water and the children threw change into the boats in order to sink them!  (VBS)
  • “Knead for Dough” fundraiser.  A church-wide event where people baked bread, muffins, and other baked goods and sold them.

  • Noisy offering!  Children take the offering using metal cans and the change creates a wonderful noise.  The adults love to see the children, and the children love to make the noise!  The offerings are brought to the front of the congregation and all coins and bills are dumped into a little wagon creating much excitement.  The mission team designates where the offering will be sent. 
  • Divide the congregation into two teams for a competition on raising funds.  Each team decides how they will raise money.  For example, one team might do a car wash and the other team might decide to do a dinner.  Both teams might do other things in addition to individual donations.  The losing team has to serve the winning team dinner.
  • The Ark of Chairs.  Churches in the Flathead area (Whitefish – Mission Valley) resurrected old and broken down chairs by repairing and painting them.  It involved youth and adults.  The chairs were auctioned off at a big celebration at Flathead Camp.
  • Missions Committee prepared soup and sold it for their annual Soup-er Bowl.  They prepared three kinds of soup and 2 kinds of sandwich spread.  The food was all donated ahead of time and committees met on Friday and/or Saturday to prepare and refrigerate the soups.  The proceeds went to our local missions committee for one of their local or international projects.  Some projects have been the local food bank, missionary Helen Sheperd, and UMCOR projects.
  • Gently used toy sale.  "Gently used"  toys are collected for a month or so.  The kids help organize the sale and decide on a mission project to support with the proceeds.  The sale is held on a Saturday morning.
  • Sale of lattes on Sunday morning – using UMCOR fair trade coffee.

  • Gather together some local talent and put on a concert.  Charge admission for a particular cause.  Open to the public!

  • Cinco de Mayo dinner.  Raises money for mission projects in Mexico. 
  • Potato bar on Tax Day (April 15).
  • Valentine Day flower sale – youth fundraiser.  Roses were bought at Costco and sold individually on Sunday morning.
  • Pie auction.
  • “Read to feed” sponsorship-type program through Heifer.  Get sponsors and keep track of time spent reading or being read to by kids.
  • Christmas cookie sale.  A group bakes a variety of Christmas cookies and sells them.  This is a great way for people to have delicious Christmas cookies without the work...and raise money for missions!
  • On One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday have a Bread Auction after church.  Serve soup and bread.  People bring all kinds of bread and rolls and it’s auctioned off to raise funds for OGH. 
  • Christmas Caroling for missions:  Advertise and people sign up (contribute $) and send the carolers to their friends and family.
  • Sell grocery cards from Safeway or other local grocery stores and the stores contribute 3-5 % to Missions.
  • Have a Chili Cook-off.

  • Dance for Missions!  Hold a community square dance.  Charge admission. 

  • Have a used book sale.  Set up an area where people can bring books to donate.  Set a price for hardback and paperback books, and leave a jar where people donate for their purchase.  Consider highlighting recommended books from certain people.

  • Host a game night or lunch party.  Have a variety of board games and/or card games.  Have a group provide refreshment (or do a potluck) and prizes if you wish.  Each guest will bring a $10 donation as their entry fee to the party.

Children and Tweens

Looking for ideas on how to involve children and tweens in mission activities?  Following are some suggestions that are simple and easy to pull together that will help make a difference in people’s lives.  Note that some of these activities can also work well for all ages - even the oldest members of your congregation!

  • Gather baby items such as diapers, wipes, pacifiers, shampoo, etc. for mothers living in women’s shelters.
  • Put together Get Well Kits for children who are sick or are in the hospital.  Kits might include books, crayons and coloring books, and stuffed animals.
  • Visit nursing homes, independent living or assisted living facilities for an afternoon of crafts and games.
  • Create and send greeting cards to soldiers stationed away from home.
  • Ask church members for donations of teddy bears.  Spend the day creating tags for each bear and ask the children to write a note on each tag.  Laminate the tags and secure to each bear.  Deliver the bears to a local police or fire station or women’s shelter where the bears can provide comfort to children in crises.
  • Create an adopt-a-grandparent program where children/tweens can spend time one-on-one with a home bound senior or a senior living in a nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Collect non-perishable food items for the local food bank, or help your church create a food pantry for the community.