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Mission & Ministry

Mission & Ministry is one of the three ministry areas of the Mountain Sky Conference, along with the Appointive Cabinet and Finance & Administration.  Mission & Ministry is responsible for coordination, implementation, or administration of the conference program.  The Mission & Ministry area helps set the vision of the conference and oversees a continuous process of transformation and renewal necessary for the annual conference.

Mission & Ministry hopes for an outcome where “local churches are more deeply engaged in vital disciple-making ministries.” To this end, we pursue the two core processes: leadership development and congregational development.  All work areas of Mission and Ministry relate to these two core processes.  For the purpose of coordination and implementation of these two core processes, each board and agency of the conference is asked the following critical questions:

  • What purposes do we have in common?
  • How might we work together and independently to advance the core priorities?
  • What few essential actions will we take together and independently?
  • How will we use our resources strategically?

For more information, please contact  the Mission & Ministry staff:

Rev. Annie Arnoldy, Superintendent of Leadership Development and Director of Connectional Ministry,

Pam VanAlstyne, Leadership Development Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of the Office of Clergy Excellence,

Amanda Daniell, Coordinator of Young People's Ministries and Camping Ministry, and

Shelley Rabern, Event and Hospitality Coordinator,

Rev. Jeff Rainwater, Superintendent of Congregational and Community Vitality,

Dawn Lemons, Program Assistant and Resource Coordinator,

Janet Mulroy, Mission Engagement and Resource Strategist,

Charmaine Robledo, Director of Communications,

Diana Aqra, Media and Communications Specialist,

Braden Roof, IT Coordinator and End-User Support Technician,