Missions & Outreach 2021: Miles-O-Love

“Miles-o-Love” Makes a Comeback for Annual Conference 2021


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"Miles-o-Love” is the primary fundraiser for foreign and local mission initiatives through the Mountain Sky Conference.  In 2020, participants, donors, and sponsors raised $16,000 to support Feeding America affiliates across the Mountain Sky area and to support missionaries in East Angola.  In 2021, funds raised will be used to provide grants to local churches for energy audits and implementation of energy-saving projects.  In addition, we will again be supporting missionaries and their programs in East Angola.  


By walking, riding, rolling, hiking, swimming or whatever your favorite avenue for getting exercise is, you’ll be getting in better shape while shaping mission in the Mountain Sky Conference.  




Set your mileage and fundraising goals, then find sponsors to help you to achieve these goals. There is no fee to join, but all participants are invited to reach out to their friends and family for support by donating in their honor. 


Pledge the amount of miles you (or your team members) plan to accumulate for Miles-o-Love. The important part is inviting sponsors to support YOUR Miles-o-Love! Prior to the Annual Conference you’ll report total miles accumulated and the amount of money raised from supporters. 


Registration at the link here for Miles-O-Love 2021 to start making a plan on how you want to participate. This year, you may participate as a team or an individual. Get your Bible study crew together, or your Sunday school class, or simply a group of neighbors.