Mountain Sky on the Way Forward

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Welcome to the Mountain Sky on the Way Forward website. The purpose of this site is to inform the people of the Mountain Sky Conference of information related to the special session of General Conference in 2019 in February and now the Judicial Council decision on April 26 from what was adopted at General Conference. We will share our plans for the future of the Mountain Sky Conference in the upcoming days, weeks and months as we also seek your input and response. 

Please note: this page will be updated as new information is released.

Post-GC Response Teams:

In order to continue our work with the Spirit, Bishop Karen appointed eight teams following the General Conference in February to help us discern our way forward with God. These teams include: Core Team, Legal Team, Triage Team, Safe Harbor Team, New Places for New People, Communications, Fundraising and Grassroots. Learn more about them

If you would like to communicate with any of the team chairs, please use this contact form.

General and Jurisdictional News

Searching for recent press releases and statements from the Mountain Sky Conference about General Conference? Go to the archive page for links to past emails.

Sharing our response

What is your local church doing in response to the 2019 General Conference and to the recent Judicial Council decision? Share your ideas and resources below! (This was first requested by the Congregational Vitality Committee on behalf of the Mountain Sky Conference.)

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