Native American Ministries

Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM)

The mission of the Mountain Sky Annual Conference Committee on Native American Ministry (CONAM) and Healing Relationships is to create opportunities to bring people together to build authentic relationships with Native Americans for justice, healing and wholeness; to promote and determine the distribution of the Native American Ministries Sunday offering; to guide and implement a process within the Mountain Sky Annual Conference to resource new and developing Native American ministries within the conference; by:

  1. Examining our own attitudes, beliefs and actions;
  2. Identifying people who have the heart for this ministry and supporting their learning and preparation to begin conversations with indigenous people;
  3. Seeking occasions to mindfully approach appropriate tribal members and authorized representatives of Native American organizations;
  4. Bringing relationships forward for the purpose of listening and learning;
  5. Participating in the lives of Native American siblings both within and outside of the church;
  6. Advocating for system change within our conference, the worldwide church, and society that will lead toward ceasing harm, acknowledgment of our guilt and a commitment to living differently.

By mandates of:

CONAM Board Members (Word / PDF)

CONAM New Member Orientation (Word / PDF)

CONAM Grant Application (Word PDF)


Native American Communications Office "Connections on the Hoop: Native people and United Methodism." : Available for free download

Native American International Caucus

Native American Comprehensive Plan

Native American Ministries Sunday


Rev. Bich Thy (Betty) Nguyen, Multicultural and Advocacy Ministries Developer or 

Rev. Calvin Hill, CONAM Chairperson


Recent News:

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Wind River Reservation in Riverton, WY hit hard by COVID-19 (Native American Sunday Series)

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Racism and White Supremacy against Natives in Wyoming during COVID-19 (Native American Sunday Series)

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Pastor Calvin Hill of the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish in Montana (Native American Sunday series)

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Native American Course of Study empowers pastors

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Native American Ministries Sunday to support Northern Cheyenne fire project

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Pastors, churches find new ways to worship Christ in Native American traditions

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Colorado Springs, Korean American UMC Colorado Springs Colorado

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Cortez United Methodist Church, Native Grace collects over 300 boxes of supplies for Navajo Nation

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May is Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

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Korean-American UMC in Colorado Springs, CO receives Racial/Ethnic Local Church (RELC) Grant

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Workshop aims to help Native Americans, allies work 'for the common good'

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Yellowstone CONAM Chair reflects on Western Jurisdiction meeting

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Community Fire Protection project a 2-year partnership with Northern Cheyenne

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Blackfeet United Methodist Parish members aid in young women's journey to D.C. hearing

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AC17 Personal Privileges

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The United Methodist Church 2015 Special Sundays

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First mission team to Northern Cheyenne will build fire garage

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Until It's Green Again: Camp Meeting in Montana

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Countdown to Zero: Fight against HIV/AIDS an act of political will

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Renovating abandoned houses a focus of Community Fire Protection project

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Youth invited to immersion, service trip to Northern Cheyenne community

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Prayerful Preparation event readies conference for Sand Creek anniversary

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Masks-On! Update: More than 35,340 masks created!!!

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Taking a stand with Standing Rock

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