Invitation to 2018 Mission u study on Embracing Wholeness

May 25, 2018
Submitted by Susan Yeager
Study Leader, Mission u
The spirituality course for the 2018 Mission u is related to last year’s study, Living As a Covenant Community.  If you attended that session, you will recognize the covenants of Adam and Noah. This year, we will reach a deeper level of understanding, as we first learn what it means to be in a mutual and covenantal relationship with the whole of creation.  
This course provides a blend of learning the meaning of God’s holy word, timely discussion topics, and practical thoughts for changing one’s daily living patterns. Hospitality, happiness, self-care, Sabbath, identity, and vocation are some of the highlighted areas within this course. In reading and discussing this book, not only will you enjoy quiet time for personal reflection, but you will also broaden your perspectives on important challenges in our lives today.

God does not expect perfection from us, but this way of life does require adjustment, attention, planning, and changes in our lifestyles and habits. Such change is most often slow and incremental. As we work toward this wholeness, we must remember that we are loved, we are sacred, and above all, we are beloved children of God!

To summarize the benefits of Embracing Wholeness, we can say that God made several covenants with us and we are called to embody this covenantal life with Him. In doing so, we honor God and live into the abundant life He offers the entire creation. While this way of life is not easy, it is worthwhile. It calls us into community when the world is pushing us into isolation.

Come and join us for Mission u 2018!
How to register:
Registration is now open for Mission u 2018. Mission u events are inspiring and interactive experiences for all ages of lifelong learners. All members of churches and communities are welcome and encouraged to attend this event. There are two options for attending Mission u: one- or two-day experiences. 
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You may register online here for a two-day event at Fort Collins, Colorado on July 13-14, or Grand Junction, Colorado, July 27-28. Go online for course descriptions, the full schedule and to register.

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You may also download the full schedule of events, a poster to display in your church and a registration form for any of the five one-day events in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. For one-day events, go directly to the Mission u web page

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